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Services to Build Your Business On...

If the ROI of your email campaigns is a strategic part of your business, you may need Cypra's advanced email services to tightly embed email into your online marketing channels, implement best practices, and optimize the effectiveness and ROI of each of your email campaigns.

Special Services for Advanced Email Marketing

Whether you want self-serve or full-serve email marketing support, Cypra's Entreprise platform offers you a full array of services to integrate your online marketing and optimize your email effectiveness. Entreprise email solutions and Entreprise email consulting services will guide you toward better integration with your web site, better practice, and the resulting better ROI. Customized support for content, complex triggers, ladders, testing, website integration, API integration, list maintenance and analytics are all within the scope of Cypra Entreprise solutions.

Email Marketing is more than Clicking 'SEND'

Email software is just a tool. The secret to email marketing success is to have the right mailing strategy in order to properly use it. That is why every potential Cypra client undergoes a thorough set-up process with our pre-sales team to establish a customized mailing strategy based on YOUR marketing needs! We make sure that you will have an opportunity to be successful BEFORE you sign a contract with us!

Support Team

Once the contract is signed, our dedicated Client Services team jumps into action! Two people are dedicated to you: an Account Coordinator who provides day-to-day tactical support and an Account Manager who makes strategic recommendations to improve your results. The Client Services team is backed up by support, technical, delivery, privacy, and marketing teams. Your dedicated Account Coordinator and Account Manager are available Monday-Friday 9-5 ET by direct phone, email or chat, and are further supported by 24/7 tech support in order to maximize your ROI.

All combined, the Cypra team provides the high-level of support, assistance and service you need to succeed.

Been there, done that.

Cypra has more than 10 years experience offering advanced email marketing solutions. In online marketing, that's a lifetime. If you have special or unusual email requirements, Entreprise! offers solutions for you.