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Reduce UAA (Undeliverable-As-Addressed) eMail

by Andrew O'Halloran, Chief Privacy Officer

At the end of November 2009, the U.S. Move Update standard took effect with the goal of reducing undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) snail mail. To those direct marketers that still use the USPS as a means of delivery, this is important. Under the new standard, you are now required to validate and update your mailing list within 95 days prior to the date of the mailing.

Nancy Langley, Vice Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission explained,“Obviously reducing undeliverable-as-addressed mail is important for direct marketers. Undeliverable mail feeds into the notion that mail isn't good for the environment. If addresses aren't cleansed and are redundant, unwanted mailings will reinforce the idea that advertising mail is bad. No one wants that.” (source: http://www.btobonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20081124/FREE/81124...

That being said, the main incentive for this initiative is probably cost; it cost the USPS $1.8 billion in 2004 to handle over 9.7 billion pieces of UAA mail!

But UAA mail costs everybody - whether they use paper mail or email. Both methods cost money and UAA mail is a waste of it. Paper mail has a disadvantage of not providing any delivery feedback. You have no clear idea whether the mail was delivered, when the recipient opened it, what paragraphs they found the most interesting, or if they were annoyed to receive it. As a consequence, with paper mail, direct marketers must check the addresses well in advance.

In contrast, email direct marketers get near instant feedback. With the right tools and knowledgeable people, a reputable email marketing company can determine delivery, interest and annoyance, and quite a bit more. That's a good reason to be investigating email versus paper mail (and it will save a lot of trees too!) Think about the following:

When I talk with traditional mail marketer interested in email marketing. It usually goes something like this...

Traditional Mail Marketer: How much are we looking at?

Me: “Well, we always perform a thorough analysis before, but for that number of customers I’d say somewhere between $X and $Y”

Traditional Mail Marketer: “Ok that is not too bad. I am paying roughly the same for each piece of mail I am sending through Turtle Mailhouse.”

Me: "I meant $X-$Y per 1000!”

Traditional Marketer: (pause)“.. per thousand... wow”.

The point is that it pays. You'll save a lot of money, you'll add a new dimension to your customer relationships, and you'll save some trees. Consider making 2010 the year where you improve the bottom line, increase customer satisfaction, and help to protect the environment.

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