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Getting Personal Always Gets Better Results – 57% Better

by Andrew O'Halloran, Chief Privacy Officer

Sometimes there seems to be two approaches to email marketing. The first approach is the ‘saturation bombing’ approach – i.e. mail everything you can to your list and do it often. The second approach is to personalize your mailings to a carefully selected segment of your list.

Guess which gets better results?

This week, the Aberdeen Group, a market research firm in Boston, found that companies that personalized their communications received, on average, a 57% higher order rate than those that did not. Our own experience has shown that personalized email marketing campaigns also get less unsubscribes, less complaints and cost less to put in the mail.

In contrast, any email marketer that uses the saturation bombing technique finds out quickly that they get more unsubscribes, more complaints, faster list fatigue, and a poorer ROI.

It’s not rocket science to understand that even the simplest type of personalization helps. Every time you send an offer for cosmetics to a male list member, odds are the response is less than favorable. Likewise, sending an offer for a herbal menopause symptom remedy to a 24-year old of either gender is equally inappropriate.

Obviously segmentation depends on having enough demographic or historical data on which to focus. If you’re not capturing demographics with your email addresses, now might be a good time to start. A few segmentation schemes to include along with interest would be: gender, age, and city/state. Start with those and drill down from there.

Sure, it is easier just to take the saturation bombing approach. But the data shows that it not only wastes the consumer’s time, in the long run it wastes yours.

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