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10 Secrets to Email Marketing Like a Pro...on a DIY Budget

by Mark Berger, Karine Proulx, and Amandine Michaud

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Email marketing is like the early days of radio. Both are powerful communication tools that are easy for amateurs to set-up and operate. Over time, however, itís become clear that only professionals use them effectively to achieve business success. As a marketer, which camp will you fall into Ė an amateur or a Pro?

This webinar will equip you to be a professional email marketer while maintaining a Do-it-Yourself budget. Youíll discover the difference between just sending emails to a list and professional, effective email marketing that cuts through SPAM & Junk folders to deliver high ROI.

Designed for B2C or B2B marketers who are already using email, this Webinar, will reveal 10 secrets that the Pros use to achieve outstanding email marketing results without expensive software. Topics include:

  • Cutting through SPAM and Junk folders to get delivery
  • Optimizing email frequency to maximize contact engagement
  • Boosting social media campaigns with email


Mark Berger, Marketing Director, Cypra Media
Karine Proulx, Account Coordinator, Cypra Media
Amandine Michaud, Consultant - Account Coordinator, Cypra Media
Alli Libb, Moderator, American Marketing Association