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Benefits of Outsourced Email Marketing

Save money, be more efficient and achieve better results

Outsourcing your email marketing allows you to focus on the core of your business. By letting specialized professionals take care of the technical details, you achieve the best results for your budget. Take advantage of Cypra’s extensive investments in technology, methodologies and talent.

Benefit #1 - Save Money; Save on manpower; Save on training costs. To send professional looking emails, you need a graphic designer, an HTML coding professional and an email sending platform. At Cypra, we have a those professionals and we’ll take care of everything from A to Z!

Benefit #2 - Less effort, more results. When you outsource your email campaigns, you can focus your energy into your core business, do more important tasks and do what you do best.

Benefit #3 - Save on time. Create and send email campaigns quickly by contacting your Cypra Account Coordinator. We have a proven track record of turnaround times as fast at 24 hours!

Benefit #4 - Save on infrastructure. At Cypra, we have a high-performance, optimized technical infrastructure dedicated to sending email campaigns, and an in-house legal and privacy department. Take advantage of what we have built!

About Cypra Media:

  • We have a combined 80 years of experience in the email marketing industry.
  • We specialize in outsourced email marketing solutions.
  • We send out millions of emails per month.
  • We have a team of highly qualified experts in email design and coding.
  • We implement email best practices and the latest tricks to achieve the best results in the industry.
  • Your dedicated account coordinator will help you learn about email marketing and improve your campaigns results.
  • Marketing resources are available to reform other components of your online marketing (i.e. website design and creation, SEO, etc.)
  • For a free consultation or to get a quote, contact us at 1-514-287-0458.