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General Email Marketing Assessments

Many factors determine email marketing success

Whether you mail a newsletter or a product promotion, the many ways in which your IP reputation, email list data, email creative approach, offers, and analytics can come together determines the success or failure of any email marketing campaign you initiate. Not least, today's email marketer must also be constantly mindful of the impact of their privacy policies and email reputation best practices.

If youíre not getting the results you want, why arenít you?

Find out how effective your marketing campaigns really are, or whether doing what you're doing is just throwing good money after bad. Cypra's general email marketing assessment will give you an overall analysis of the state of your email and online marketing. Cypra will review each element of your email marketing operation.

Email creative approach, privacy policy and reputation, list use, and delivery dynamics are all scrutinized at a high level to identify potential weaknesses or threats to your email success. The audit also includes high-level reviews of your privacy policies, acceptable use policies, and email list and deployment practices. The result is a written summary that identifies the key issues that will need to be addressed to optimize your online marketing effectiveness.

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