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Email Deliverability Audit

Find out if your emails are getting delivered

Whether it involves newsletters, email promotions, surveys or other emails, good delivery is the one variable that is absolutely essential in any aspect of email marketing. No delivery means no results.

What is your deliverability? How do you know for sure?

Every email marketer needs to regularly ask themselves these questions. Itís all too common for an email to get sent, for the sender to believe itís been delivered (because they didnít get any hard bounces) only to then find that in actuality, only a fraction of the mail has found its way into an inbox. Thatís lethal to any email marketing campaign.

Measure Your Deliverability

Now, if you rely on email to meet your marketing objectives, Cypra can help you confirm your actual deliverability. Using a methodical inbox monitoring technique, a Cypra Deliverability Audit can provide you with an accurate picture of your true deliverability rate and then, based on that, provide you with specific recommendations on ways to improve it.

Ask Cypra Media

For the last decade, Cypra has provided email delivery services that require good delivery. It has achieved that through rigorous reputation management along side the evolution of its own email best practices. There's no one better to help you confirm exactly what your email delivery rate truly is.

Find out now by contacting us. If you donít know your actual deliverability then get an email marketing deliverability audit.