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Email Creative and Usability Consulting

Your new email campaign might look great...

It might have great art and excellent copy. It might also be going to the perfect list and presenting the perfect offer...

...and it would still fail. Why?

In marketing, "the devil is in the details" – little things can make the difference between winning and losing. This is especially true in email marketing. The exact nature of each of your email’s creative components, whether it be for an invoice, a newsletter, or an email promotion, can compromise all the best planning in your marketing campaign if it's not done carefully and correctly.

It may look good and yet be far from good

Cypra’s email creative assessment is a simple and quick consulting service to help you ensure that the creative elements in your email promotions don’t guarantee bad results. The analysis examines a sample of your email documents, compares them against the latest industry trends, best practices in email usability, and legal requirements, and provides you a useful summary of issues and suggestions. Often, Cypra’s creative assessments can improve email deliverability, boost response rates, reduce complaint rates, or minimize inappropriate junk mail filtration.

The business cost of sending purely "pretty" email is big!

Find out how much your business is losing by focusing too much on pretty emails. It’s not expensive and it could save you thousands. If you’re wondering whether your email creative could be a factor in less-than-wonderful email campaign results, why not find out today? To sign up, or for more information contact Cypra's Email Marketing Consulting services.