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Email Marketing Consulting

Whatever form of email marketing you choose, the formula for success can be complex. To be successful, the email marketer must understand - and master - email delivery & reputation management, email creative & usability best practices, campaign strategy, and database or list management.

Assessments & Goal-directed consulting services

Cypra’s email marketing consulting services take two forms:

  • Assessments to identify issues in your online marketing programs.
  • Goal-directed consulting, to focus on resolution of specific issues or objectives.

Cypra email marketing assessments are fixed price audits and include a fixed-methodology general assessment which includes best practice assessments, an email creative assessment, and a deliverability audit. Each is designed to target specific issues that impact your email marketing.

Cypra goal-directed consulting is generally focused on overall campaign formation but also often addresses specific deliverability, whitelisting, and email performance issues.

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