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Target Audience Management Inc. (TAMi)

What if you held a business conference — and nobody came?

That’s nearly what happened to a technology trade publisher in Toronto this spring. The publisher and several partners had planned a full day of keynote speeches and panel discussions on environmentally friendly business practices — a topic about which they knew that readers and their employers were deeply concerned.

To get out the word about the upcoming event, the company had heavily invested to publish house ads, issue direct mail and email invitations and also to employ a telemarketing firm to phone subscribers.

But with the conference little more than a week away, the organizers realized that despite their best efforts, not enough people had registered – certainly not enough to break even, let alone make a profit.

The publisher then phoned Target Audience Management Inc. (TAMi) for help. TAMi — a firm founded by circulation–industry veteran Brian Gillett – who managed their, as well as 60 other Canadian publications, circulation database. Could TAMi mount a campaign – immediately — to bring up the number of registrants?

That’s when Gillett called upon Cypra Media knowing Cypra could provide any level of support for email campaign, from a complete turnkey solution to focused assistance in one or more specific areas. Cypra could handle the HTML creation for both the email message and landing page, delivery, rendering, testing and campaign deployment via their own email optimized infrastructure. What’s more, Cypra’s campaign-based fees would help TAMi easily budget and forecast, and pass on to the publisher reasonable “cost-plus” pricing.

Cypra’s Vice President Michael Quigley and his team implemented a simple 2-click registration invitation and web-landing page easy for respondents to use, yet able to capture the data TAMi’s customer needed. Within 24 hours of receiving the call, more than 20,000 invitees found the (pre-tested!) email invitations in their mailboxes for the Tuesday event.

Gillett and his employees were impressed with the Cypra’s creative and flexible response.

“With Cypra’s help we over-delivered,” said Gillett. “We gave the client a 30 percent boost, and it was inexpensive and cost-effective.”

Gillett was particularly pleased that Cypra’s role was completely transparent to the publisher as well as Cypra’s initiative to go beyond the assignment in its offer to segment and verify the publisher’s lists. Going forward, TAMi will offer Cypra’s expertise in this area to all of its clients.

Gillett said he also will now engage Cypra to handle subscriptions and verify and track circulation audit data for clients that publish digital magazines – a crucial step in determining what publications can charge for advertising