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Lionsdeal teams up with Cypra Media to increase Web traffic and lower time spent on email marketing

Lionsdeal to Cypra: show us the money!

At first, Lionsdeal was skeptical about the value of Cypra’s Professional email marketing service. The first mailing deployed by Cypra showed immediate improved mailing metrics: over 90% send rate and over 15% open rate. The campaign also had additional benefits for Lionsdeal’s since Cypra handled all the design, coding and testing of the email. Lionsdeal staff saved tons of time that was used to focus on their core business of supplying restaurants with kitchen supplies. Plus, Lionsdeal saw an immediate increase of their CTR (click through rate) compared to their legacy, self-service email platform.

The Mandate

Following the first successful mailing, Lionsdeal gave Cypra a specific mandate to move forward and deploy all their mailings with Cypra’s Professional email services. Lionsdeal needed:

  • HTML coding
  • Custom tailored reporting that showed the clicks for each email link for proper phone follow ups.
  • Design skills for images, banners, and homepage promotions.

Design Services

After 2 months of successful collaboration, Cypra’s graphic design team was asked to redesign the Lionsdeal email template with the goal of better targeting of the Lionsdeal’s audience of restaurant owners and managers. With a 2 column template that offered “Top seller” & “Special Offer” products Cypra’s new email template showcased better Lionsdeal’s products and offers.

The new email template also reflected better Lionsdeal’s marketing strategy: products were displayed by category illustrating a large variety of products sold. For each mailing, Cypra designed a fresh new promotional banner, based on Lionsdeals’s marketing theme. Lionsdeal even used one of the email banners on the homepage of their website since they liked it so much.

Lionsdeal’s online marketing’s manager: "Good work as usual!"

Bottom Line Improvement

Over the course of the following 10 months, Cypra teamed up with Lionsdeal’s Online Marketing Manager and sent 2 promotional mailings per month delivered with a turn-around time of less than 48 hours. With the help of Cypra’s privacy team, excellent online reputation and application of email best practices, Lionsdeal’s campaigns sent rate went from 91.46% to more than 99%!

Further, the mailing list went from approximately 9,000 email recipients, to almost 18,000! Thanks to a consistent open rate of 15%, as well as a click through rate of 5% for each email promotion, the email marketing campaigns increased traffic to Lionsdeal’s website from 300 to 700 visitors per day depending on the campaign theme.

"Good campaigns sometimes resulted in 600-700 visitors and up to $20,000 in sales" - Lionsdeal’s Marketing Manager

In a nutshell, the Professional, full-service email marketing option provided by Cypra Media helped Lionsdeal’s generate new leads, save time, and increase sales.


For additional details about Lionsdeal, visit lionsdeal.com.
For additional details about the Full Service email marketing option, visit the web site.