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Jeff Symmonds' Golf Schools

An event deadline looming that needs promoting? How about an effective turnkey email solution!

When Chris Hernandez is not scheduling golf lessons for customers with 75 instructors in five Western U.S. locations, you might find him coding the company website or writing its latest brochure. Like most entrepreneurs, Hernandez does whatever it takes to keep his six-year-old business — the Jeff Symmonds Golf Schools based in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. — running smoothly.

A few weeks before Father’s Day 2009, though, Hernandez found himself with a few too many items on his to-do list and not enough time to complete them all. That’s when he delegated the Schools’ summer email-marketing campaign to Cypra Media in Montreal.

It was already late May when Hernandez handed over his ideas for the creative copy, landing page and email subject line, as well as his address list of about 7,000 existing and potential customers.

Cypra’s Managed Services group then went into action.

The group’s creative team designed an email-optimized, custom-tailored HTML template, supporting signup page, and data-collection form. Next, the group’s deployment team used Cypra’s email software and email-optimized deployment infrastructure of white-listed IPs to test, launch and monitor the campaign.

Hernandez said he had hoped to handle the campaign himself and believed he had the skills to do it all. But he readily admits that Cypra’s considerable knowledge about email deliverability convinced him that hiring an expert email-service provider and applying industry best practices was the right move.

“I knew it was worth it when Cypra segmented the subscriber data, got rid of undeliverable addresses and fixed the problems we’d had with some of our email messages getting blocked by AOL, Comcast and HotMail,” Hernandez explained. Since delivery to these Internet service providers was not optimized,, Hernandez sometimes was compelled to initiate — and reply to — individual customer messages through his personal email account.

Hernandez’ situation is typical of the challenges many businesses face, and of the problems that Cypra’s Managed Services group routinely solves, said Michael Quigley, vice-president of Cypra email services.

“Even if you can find the time to get your email campaign’s creative done, from our experience and industry stats, odds are that campaigns get blocked due to either ‘reputation’ or creative issues, or a combination of both, which results in poor ROI and disappointment.

“Not only do we save you time, we also make sure there are no creative issues in the HTML that can cause blocks,” Quigley said. “It is not uncommon to get five, or even 10 times the typical ROI using Managed Services deployments compared to equivalent in-house deployments.”

When Hernandez had soloed on similar email campaigns in the past, he usually “broke even.” With the Cypra-supported campaign, however, Hernandez said he had expected to double his money in sales of gift certificates, discounts and specials by the end of the summer.