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Children’s Wish Foundation

Email – a greener, more effective solution to generate donations than traditional direct mail

The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, which grants the wishes of kids coping with life-threatening illnesses, recently made a dream come true for itself.

Because the Foundation strives to keep administrative costs as low as 15 percent of revenue, the Quebec West chapter was particularly proud to have reduced expenses devoted to the promotion of its annual Children’s Wish Golf Classic – an event that contributes about 20 percent of chapter revenues.

The savings became evident in 2008 when the chapter ditched its labor-intensive postal campaign in favor of electronic mail. The switch from paper to paperless – orchestrated by the email delivery experts at Cypra Media – eliminated $1,500 in mailing costs. It also saved untold hours of time in printing, stuffing, posting and mailing, “so that our volunteers could focus their attention on other tasks and needs,” said Julie Stevens, the Quebec West’s chapter event coordinator.

Even more encouraging were the financial results: In 2009, the chapter’s email campaign pulled in $190,000 in donations — $30,000 more than was raised after the initial email campaign in 2008. In 2007, by contrast, the last paper-based campaign for the Golf Classic had netted $145,000.

Part of the reason for the uptick, Stevens said, was that Cypra helped the chapter “qualify our database.” Cypra also provided the charity with a ready-to-use, email-optimized infrastructure — a critical element which allowed Children’s Wish to, as Stevens attested, “reach out and inform more individuals for this event” than it had been able to do in past years.

Stevens said she expects to use email for the Children’s Wish Golf Classic in 2010, when she will ask Cypra to incorporate three or four different deployments, each with different content.

“For Children’s Wish, email is a very useful promotional tool,” she said.

To make a donation to the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada Quebec West Chapter, readers may call 514-289-1777, email Judith Dontigny at judith.dontigny@revesdenfants.ca.