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Cypra Management Biographies

Mohamed Hage, Founder

Hage is a natural-born entrepreneur who, at an early age, started an advertising-supported membership website about robotics and electronics. Shortly thereafter, he and his siblings founded the enterprise that was to become Cypra Media. Ultimately, Hage transformed the tiny, family-run operation into one of the largest full-service email-marketing providers in Canada.

Hage, an avid hiker, has a keen interest in environmental science and, particularly, the challenge of renewable energy. He recently embarked upon a fitting new-business venture: a rooftop hydroponic greenhouse in urban Montreal for the local sale of fresh produce. Lufa Farms is expected to be in full operation by 2011.

Andrew O’Halloran, Chief Privacy & Industry Relations Officer

Email delivery expert O’Halloran ensures that Cypra Media email services comply with Internet law, regulation, and best practices. He is Cypra’s liaison to high-profile industry groups such as the Online Trust Alliance and the Email Sender and Provider Coalition. Especially active in the Email Experience Council (EEC), he is a member of the EEC Speakers Bureau and the EEC Deliverability Roundtable.

Cypra’s resident blogger, O’Halloran also contributes articles to email industry magazines and journals. With Michael Quigley, he also makes presentations on email best practices.

Off duty, O’Halloran enjoys international travel; Venezuela is a favorite destination. He holds two academic degrees from McGill University in Montreal: a master of business administration and a bachelor of arts.

Michael Quigley, Vice President, Email Services

An authority on marketing and sales, Quigley heads Cypra Media's email services division. Colleagues describe him as a “driven” manager who is deeply committed to serving customers.

Quigley joined Cypra in 2007 from Canon Canada, where he was a sales manager. Prior to working at Canon, he held a similar position with Pitney Bowes of Canada.

When he’s not in the office, Quigley is fishing or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Concordia University, Montreal.

Knuth Posern, Chief System Architect, Engineer & Developer

Posern is in charge of the design, improvements to, and maintenance of the Cypra Communicator, Cypra's in-house Email Service Provider solution consisting of a web front-end, a powerful back-end and an application programming interface (API). He manages releases and system quality, and ensures a very efficient development workflow.

Posern joined Cypra in early 2009 after emigrating from Germany, where he had been an information-systems consultant for nearly a decade. Prior to consulting, he spent three years developing software for Luxlight in Marburg, and five years in system support with Triaton (now HP) in Frankfurt. Besides programming and system administration, Posern is an expert in network security, web design, and database management.

Posern may be found climbing, cycling, singing, cooking/dining, playing with his robots and cats or doing trampoline and wheel gymnastics -- when he’s not in front of a computer. He holds a German Diploma (master) in computer science from Philips University of Marburg/Germany.