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Cypra Is About Growth

The Growth of the Email Industry

Cypra helps shape the future of email marketing and business communications through its involvement in trade and industry organizations. These include groups like the Email Senders & Providers Council, The Direct Marketing Association's Email Experience Council and the Online Trust Association. We participate in these organizations because we're committed to best practices and responsible marketing. We also carefully track the progress of legislation and industry practice because it is important to us and to our customers.

Our Own Growth

In working with email communications, a decade of experience is a lot of experience. Our experience has helped us grow into the premier provider of email services to small and medium sized businesses.

We grew up during a time when the Internet was still young. In order to survive, we've had to adapt to changing technology, changing practices, a changing economy and a changing world. We've not only survived, we've thrived. We've learned to embrace change and remain nimble. In the process, we've gained a lot of experience (although some of it was the hard way :-).

The Growth of Our Team

Cypra is a team. We are a team of technologists, privacy specialists, operations specialists, and customer service specialists. Over the years, we've discovered that growing the team is the best way to grow the individual and vice versa. We're committed to individual and team growth. The best way to seek growth, we have found, is to put ourselves - individually and collectively - in situations where we are forced to stretch. Stretch often enough and we grow. Our customers are vital to our growth as a team. They help us stretch. By bringing new problems and opportunities to us, we stretch and thus we grow.

Growing Concern For The Environment

There's a reason a tree is the largest part of our logo. We believe in frontline action, not frontline words. Since 2007, we have been taking actions to reduce our environmental footprint from recycling to natural fibre furniture to the use of low-energy light bulbs.

Growing Contributions

Charity, they say, begins at home - or in our case, at the office. Our services are a powerful communication tool for charities. It helps them spread the word - so we try to support them and help them grow. We do that in two ways: first by providing special discounts and allowances so that charities can use our services. Second, we directly support certain selected charities.

Growing Respect For Values

We value values. We think they're important as guidelines to our individual and collective corporate behaviour. Cypra focuses on eight values:

  1. client satisfaction
  2. self-management
  3. collaboration
  4. learning
  5. innovation
  6. goal-orientation
  7. performance
  8. accountability

We make sure that each employee is briefed and trained about our values when they start with the company. Their performance reviews also include measurement of their performance against the company values.

New marketplace realities, new technologies, and new people frequently pose challenges to our values. We like to think that, because of those challenges, we are ever growing in our resolve to avoid compromise of our basic tenets.

Growing Best Practice Email

Email is just like what Ma and Pa Kent used to tell a young Superman: "Your powers can be used for good or evil". Email is like having super powers. It can use for legitimate communications and add value to both sender and recipient, or it can be a violation of privacy and a waste of time.

We're committed to helping people use email as a means of legitimate engagement. We're equally committed to combating the inappropriate use of email. In addition to advancing our own list of "best practices", we have a privacy team that carefully scrutinizes the email our clients send using our services. More than once, we've had to boot clients that would not conform to our email ethics and best practices.